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The best sunblock for fishing!

You won’t be smiling if you forget the SPF!

We’ve all done it… left the house without applying sunscreen… or even bringing any for that matter. 

At Go Fishing Magazine, we’re a big fan of this classic Sun Zapper Zinc Stick! At SPF 50+ and 4 hours of water resistance, it’s designed to protect your skin in the harshest conditions! 

It even comes in fun colors! 

Get your Zinc Stick on!


Sun Zapper Zinc Stick

Price 10.0
Feeling 9.6
Sun protection 10.0
Importance 9.9
Fragrance 10.0


  • 4 hours water resistance
  • Designed for harsh conditions
  • Fun colors
  • Fragrance free
  • Contains vitamin E and aloe vera

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