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Be Basic: Get a Burlap Bag

The burlap bag is simply the best for keeping fish fresh! #oldschool Gunny sacks are the way to go! When fishing in the summer, with no ice (because lugging around ice sucks…), burlap bags create a natural cooling system. Pop the fish’s gills and let them bleed out […]

The boat shoe of choice

Calling all fishermen and fisherwomen! We have the shoe for you! Check out these Columbia Bahama Vent Relaxed PFG Boat Shoes: I grew up in Connecticut, the land of boat shoes! I can even remember my first pair, the Sperry Women’s Songfish Boat Shoe! They were cool shoes, […]

Got gloves?

Here is one crucial accessory that many of us forget about when thinking about fishing… GLOVES! I get why one might need gloves for say ICE FISHING, but why any other time?    Successful fishing greatly depends on the ability to work with you hands. Reeling in a […]