Fishing Kids

Check out this compact rod for beginners!

Some outdoor activities require gear that costs more money than you would like to spend to find out if you even like the activity or not. You know the feeling? The cool thing about fishing is that there are very cost effective ways to get your feet wet (pun intended). Meet the EBIYO Fishing Pole: This super compact combo is one of those fabulous options!

We love how compact this rod is, making it not only convenient for the tiny members of the family, but also an awesome accessory to have while camping, backpacking, or in the emergency entertainment bucket in the car!

Measuring four feet, six inches in length, the rod features six adjustable sections that collapse to just 13.7 inches. The rod’s fiberglass, ABS and silicone construction keep it lightweight, coming in at 4.7 ounces. When not in use, your child can keep their rod in the included sleek black carry case. Made from quality fabric, it features convenient handles and a side pocket perfect for storing tackle, line and other fishing gear. The package also includes an easy-to-use spincast reel, fishing line and a plastic cap that fits over the rod to protect the guide rings in transit. 

You’ll be sure to feel fly while casting with this sleek rod!

It’s about time the kids start bringing home dinner!!!

EBIYO Fishing Pole

9.7 EBIYO Fishing Pole


  • Super compact
  • Strong metal handle
  • Comes with reel cover


  • Does not come with tackle and lures
  • Not interchangeable for lefties and righties
  • Not as lightweight as other options
Easy to carry
Soft-grip handle

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