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A key piece of gear for surf fishing at night: Headlamps

Surf fishing at night is one of the best forms of fishing. The peaceful calm for the evening sky, the cool breeze. It’s just you, the ocean, and the fish that lay beneath waiting to be hooked! Surf fishing is often done at night because the nocturnal feeding habits of many target species. Predator fish found in the surf tend to come closer to the shoreline to feed in the dark hours. This means, you have a better chance of catching a bigger fish! With less disturbance from swimmers and surfers, you’re more likely to hook the trophy fish of your dreams!

Something that one does not usually consider when getting into surf fishing at night is the need for light. Headlamps are a vital accessory. 

They allow you to be hands free while you reel in your catch. Not to mention, we’re talking about swinging sharp hooks in the air, it is important to be able to see what’s in front of your face!

Go Fishing Magazine took a look at three really awesome headlamps to set you up for success during your evening angling. What we love about all of these is that they have rechargeable battery systems!


1. Lupine Lighting Systems BLIKA RX4 Bluetooth 2100 Lumen LED Headlamp System

What is wild about the Lupine Blika is that it is Bluetooth! This means a fully adjustable spotlight up to a major 2100 Lumens! This is a great piece of gear for nighttime adventurers. With a run time of 80 hours, you won’t be the person calling the night short because your headlamp battery wore out. This is a really cool tech-savvy headlamp.

2. Fenix HM65R 1400 Lumens Tri-Proof Magnesium Headlamp

We like this headlamp for its comfort. It stays where it is supposed to, truly a great accessory for runners too! But picture this, you’re reeling in the biggest fish of your life and your headlamp starts slipping down your face… you can’t see what’s happening, its chaos! Or you have this sucker right where it is supposed to be! This lamp takes rechargebale batteries and gets an A+ for its waterproof factor. Your light will stay on even when it’s pouring cats and dogs!

3. DLDLGJ 3800LM LED Headlight

This headlight has a great sweat-proof headband, offering some temperature control and enhancing comfort. It is waterproof, and doesn’t falter in various weather conditions ranging from extreme heat to cold and dusty, or likely in your case, sandy, environments! It uses rechargeable batteries and is ultra reliable.

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