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Sea-Band Saves the Day!

Seasickness can occur in calm weather conditions. If you are planning on attending a fishing charter and have not spent that much time on boats, having a pack of these is not a bad idea. Generally, during excursions, the boats are unable to return to the dock to drop off seasick passengers. This is definitely one of those better safe than sorry situations!

Recently a friend of Go Fishing Magazine was explaining how he couldn’t bring his wife on fishing trips because she gets motion sickness on boats. He wants to buy a 17′ Boston Whaler, but the wife is obviously not into the idea because of how nauseous she feels out on the water. This is when Sea-Band swoops in to save the day! She has used it three times now and feels significantly more comfortable. She said it works most effectively with a band on each wrist!

It is such a basic product and for a little over 6 bucks for one, it’s is absolutely worth seeing if it works for you or your loved one. Afterall, fishing is supposed to be fun!

The way it works is that by applying pressure to the P6 (Nei Kuan) acupressure point, it relieves nausea and vomiting. Each wrist has this pressure point.

“Acupressure was found to reduce the incidence of  nausea from 53% to 23%.” (Sea-Band)

The ancient technique of acupressure is known to make some people feel more cheerful and motivated. It is typically calming and beneficial to your wellbeing. 

Sea-Band is a natural way to make boating better for those of us without sea legs! Give it a try and let Go Fishing Mag know what you think!



9.5 Sea-Band


  • Reusable
  • Can get wet


  • Could stretch
  • Some with more severe motion sickness only felt a reduction of symptoms
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